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Stephen Bridgett(non-registered)
Beautiful work!
Kelly Beers(non-registered)
Alasdair, these are exceptional photographs from "Writers & Friends 2016." Thanks for your artistry. It truly a grand event & you captured the spirt! Kelly (bookseller)
Donna Sidey(non-registered)
Very nicely put together Alasdair. Love the flow and feel of this!
Jelena Ciric(non-registered)
Love the way you capture light in these photos: it imbues life and movement in small details.
Neil Christie(non-registered)
A truly inspiring collection of colourful and intriguing images of people, places and natural phenomenon, all cleverly and professionally captured.
Bill Lambright(non-registered)
So many so beautiful so magical. Your images are a cornucopia of sweets for the eyes. Bravo Sir!
Mary Wenck(non-registered)
Can't wait to look thru these more closely. But it all looks amazing!
David O'Rourke(non-registered)
Your people pictures are always my favourite. I wonder if you realize how really good you are in this genre. But then I look at your arctic images and they are stunning.
Cliff Whittaker Photography
Enjoyed your essay on Luminous Landscape, Alasdair. Your Summer Album II is very nice, too. Glad to see that you have such a variety of interesting subject matter.
Christa Bisanz(non-registered)
Thank you for sharing. Lovely work.
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