Northwood Photography | GREENLAND: from KANGERLUSSUAQ to ILULISSAT

This gallery features a voyage down the Kangerlussuag fjord up the coast to Ilulissat, Greenland. It was part of a trip which ended unexpectedly after 4 days due to the ship's engines failing. The landscape is dramatic and severe, yet life flourishes. The retreating glaciers and melting ice are clearly evident when you visit.
Polar Bear Inn: KangerlussaqKangerlussuag; guard railsAlluvial silt deposit from retreating Russel GlacierDown the Kangerlussuag fjord length 190 kmDown the Kangerlussuag fjordDown the Kangerlussuag fjordDown the Kangerlussuag fjordon board the Sea AdventurerGreenland coastlinearctic cottona tiny delicate flowerrock formations are fascinatinggrasses survive in challenging environmentstwilight